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Americans deserve quality coverage that's there when they need it.


Keep US Covered is a campaign committed to protecting and expanding quality health coverage and improving care for working Americans. Vast disparities in the American health care system continue to undermine access to quality care for too many. Our mission is to promote public policy changes that preserve equity in workplace health benefits and ensure health coverage delivers for people when they need it.


We also seek to broaden our national health care conversation to better account for the many factors that lead to health disparities. By reversing policies that threaten to disrupt coverage for working people and focusing on the societal challenges that impact health, we can make our health care system stronger for all Americans.

About Keep US Covered 


What We're Fighting For


Protecting the quality coverage that workers have already earned and ending a misguided policy that opens the door to discrimination, incentivizes weaker health benefits for workers and harms the Affordable Care Act.


Eliminating junk health coverage by undoing a Trump-era policy that expanded the length of time a person can hold a so-called short-term, limited-duration plan.


Moving the health system forward with an emphasis on the social determinants of health to address system-wide disparities and produce better health outcomes.



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Biden Coalition Supports Rolling Back ICHRAs and Junk Insurance Rules

Six Partners Join Campaign

Keep US Covered announced that six campaign partners have joined the effort to protect quality health care


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