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Keep US Covered Celebrates
Final Rule to Roll Back Junk Insurance 

KUC Senior Advisor thanks President Biden for finalizing proposed rule that reverses the expansion of junk insurance.

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Deceptive ICHRA Marketing
Highlights Growing Risk of Discrimination

Recently, a number of companies began marketing ICHRA plans on false premises, failing to reveal the truth about how they affect workers.


Top Democrat Urges Swift Action on ICHRAs to Stop Threat of Health Discrimination

Ranking Member Doggett highlights alarming issues with Trump-era policy and House GOP effort to codify rule in new letter to Biden Administration.

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KUC Condemns House Passage of H.R. 3799


The House passed the CHOICE Arrangement Act, codifying a discriminatory Trump Administration rule.

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KUC Denounces Bill to Codify ICHRAs

Campaign partners announced opposition to a bill that would codify discriminatory ICHRA rules.


KUC: Statement on State of The Union

Keep Us Covered released statement ahead of Biden's SOTU address.

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Biden Should Use Executive Action

Executive action can advance health equity.


Biden Should Act Now on ICHRAs 

Reversing STLDIs and ICHRAs should be a priority for President Biden. 


KUC Statement: "Family Glitch"

We are hopeful the president will continue to... advance health care quality and equity issues.


Avalere Health Study Examines ICHRAs

The stipend-based system could cost workers more and provide inferior coverage.


Kaiser Study: ICHRAs

Kaiser Study: ICHRAs Mean Lower Quality Health Care for Low Wage Workers.


Keep Us Covered Letter

Campaign Urges an End to  Health Regulations Harming Working Americans

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Repealing Trump-Era Insurance Rules

Protecting working people from dangerous Trump-era health insurance rules


Creating a Better Health Care System 

Covid-19 has put a spotlight on the disparities that have long-existed in the American health care system


What You Need to Know About STLDI

This rule change does significant harm to consumers. 


What You Need to Know About ICHRAs

ICHRAs pose a  threat to the quality, affordability, and basic fairness of health coverage in the workplace 


The Hill

Biden signs health care executive actions to 'undo the damage' caused by Trump

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Keep US Covered Statement on State of the Union Address 

KUC Senior Advisor urges President Biden to renew his commitment to address flawed ICHRA policy during third State of the Union address.

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Private Equity Circling the ICHRA System, Underscoring Need for Action to Protect Workers

Some firms are looking to prioritize profits over patient care.

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KUC Celebrates POTUS Action Reversing STLDI

Senior Advisor to Keep US Covered, released a statement after the White House announced executive action to roll back Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance (STLDI), also known as junk insurance.

Image by Harold Mendoza

The Dangers Of ICHRAs

Now is the time to push back against codifying dangerous ICHRA rules. 

Image by Hansjörg Keller

HHS Sec. Becerra can act on ICHRAs 

KUC released statement ahead of Senate Finance Committee hearing. 


KUC Partners Letter to Biden

Campaign partners sent letter to Biden to roll back ICHRAs and Junk Insurance.


Biden Can End Junk Insurance

Junk insurance and ICHRAs both contribute to troubling health disparity gaps.


Biden Can End Junk Insurance

Biden should keep his promises to advance health equity by eliminating STLDIs and ICHRAs.


KUC Statement on SOTU

Keep US Covered released statement on President Biden's SOTU address.


1-Year Anniversary of Biden Executive Order

We still need action to protect working people.


Keep Us Covered Poll 

Biden Coalition Supports Rolling Back ICHRAs and Junk Insurance Rules


Six Partners Join Campaign

Keep US Covered announced that six campaign partners have joined the effort to protect quality health care 

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Uncommon Dreams

It's Time to Junk "Junk Insurance"

We should be working to strengthen the protections of the ACA


ICHRA Creates Coverage Disparity  

Instead of a more equitable health care system, ICHRA creates coverage haves and have-nots 


Keep US Covered Launches

Keep US Covered Launches to Protect and Improve the Quality of Health Care for Working Americans

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Kaiser Health News

ICHRA might leave workers with a more cumbersome enrollment process and less generous coverage


Three Years After Executive Order, Harmful Trump-Era ICHRA Policy Remains

Three years after directing his Administration to review the deeply flawed ICHRA policy, President Biden has yet to act.

Image by Donghun Shin

House Democrats  Against GOP Attempt to Attack ACA

The CHOICE Arrangement Act would codify ICHRAs. During floor debate, Democrats sounded the alarm of the imminent threat that the ICHRA system poses to many workers’ healthcare coverage.

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KUC Asks President to Act on ICHRAs

As House GOP Schedules Vote to Codify ICHRAs, KUC Urges Biden to Stop Threat of Health Discrimination.


Statement on Biden’s Budget Plan

Keep Us Covered released statement on Biden's FY2024 Budget.


KUC Campaign Partners on ICHRAs

Campaign partners issue statement urging Biden to end ICHRAs and Junk Insurance.


ICHRA plans weaken competitiveness

Business Forward Liz Fairchild's op-ed in BenefitsPRO.


Biden's Unfinished Business

Executive action could advance health equity and give the president important wins.


Higher Out of Pocket Costs 

1.5 million will have their health care replaced by ICHRAs this year.

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KUC Campaign Partners  Statement

Groups Stand by Effort to Reverse Trump-Era Rules and Advance Health Equity.

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Keep Us Covered Blog

With the stroke of a pen, President Biden can make real progress on health equity and coverage goals.

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BenefitsPRO: ICHRAs Hurt Workers

It's critical to making sure we’re moving forward with a health care system that respects workers


Wins for Biden’s Next 100 Days

As we turn the corner on the Covid-19 pandemic, improving health care is an integral part of President’s agenda


Pulling back ICHRAs and STLDI

President Joe Biden has prioritized strengthening the American health care system 


ICHRA Threatens Fairness in Benefits 

ICHRA policies threaten the progress made and protections created through the Affordable Care Act


Keep US Covered: Big News 

Biden Signs Executive Order Opening Door to End Damaging Trump-Era ICHRA, STLDI Policies


Associated Press

A plan that seems like a bargain could require customers to pay higher cost in deductibles 

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